Anniversary [pt. I] 2012 ❤

Finally a year has passed, time flies so quickly.
It's been a year now, and if you don't know we've been doing LDR for thaaaaat long.
It wasn't easy, the times that I had to watch him leave, my heart just longs for him to stay. Then there are the times that I've been traveling to Melbourne and then leaving, sighs.

Thankfully with the help of Skype and phone calls we managed to pull through.
Boy oh boy how much we both invested and sacrificed for this relationship, I guess it is because of this we learn how to treasure all the good times we share.

Anyways, for our first year anniversary 'le boyfriend brought me to an exquisite restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur called Cilantro at Micasa. We got lost along the way and we were almost an hour late!

This restaurant is always full and it's so hard to get a table, according to the boyfriend.


Hello there!

So we were seated at a very cosy corner, just the two of us.
So we opted for the set dinner which consist of two appetizers, one main and one dessert.


Wagyu Carpaccio for me.
It was okay, not awesomely good but not bad either.


For him, fresh sea urchin and angel hair pasta.


For our second round of appetizers //


Foie Gras for me. *the maître d' had it specially done for me hehe*


Seared scallops for him.

Then it was off to the main course.


I ordered the lobster, while he had the wagyu.


Then we headed downstairs to the lounge for some cosying up time, and for a more chilled environment.


The girlfriendd.


The boyfriendd.

I think we dressed quite similar where he was all in studs and I am in metal buckles hahaha.


Kisses for the boyfriend!


Yours truly, ❤.

Then for our desserts!


I ordered the rum and sorbet.
While he had the raspberry sorbet with vanilla ice cream.

I loved their desserts the most!
Or maybe it was my sweet tooth hehe.


Well it was a satisfying night spent together at Cilantro, definitely better than Il Lido in my opinion.
Though the portions were a tad bit small, and yes I know it's fine dining but it's a bit too small. The taste was alright, the dessert was the highlight haha.


Outfit of the night ❤

Dress : Hervé Léger
Clutch : Bottega Veneta
Shoes : Ho Chi Minh
Accesories : Forever 21

We went back to his place for some cuddling cuddling, then dropped me off back at my place. Then headed back out for a Jägermeister night with a few close friends!

Till then, to be continued xx.

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