✈ Melbourne ♡ 2012 [STEREOSONIC] ✈

Hello there!
As y'all know, if you have me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that I recently attended a rave at Australia.
Yeap, I am talking about Stereosonic!


I was super stoked when I woke up on that specific day! I wasn't all excited the days before, prolly cause Melbourne made me happy enough I didn't give much thought to Stereo, but the night before, I barely had any shut eye haha!

So we woke up around noon-ish, got rave ready, prepped and dressed.


Me and baby pre-raving.
Well, it was my first time raving out of Malaysia and attending a day rave.
Didn't put much thought to it as I thought it would be the same, I mean it's just another rave isn't it? But I was so wrong. You'll find out why.

We then headed to CBD to meet up with our friends before heading to Melbourne Showground.


Photobombed by KaiYoung, lol.
Girls and I ; Su, Pohfern and Melinda. All set ready to go!
1# Wear sneakers! I know that if I was in Malaysia I would be wearing flip flops, and I see girls in high heels at raves in Malaysia.

So it was a lovely sunny day when we got there, though the weather forecast said it was gonna rain I still didn't care as the atmosphere was AMAZING. Even before walking in, people were dancing, hopping, everything just really hyped up my mood.


First stage I saw as I walked in. I was amazed with was the set up of the whole place! With nine separate stages, I was already shocked to see the first one. Look at the massive crowd. It felt so good. It was really sunny, but I am not one to be afraid of getting tan, the wind was cooling and the skies were clear. Nothing better to ask for.

Got there just in time for Dash Berlin.
His set was definitely much better than the one he played at Sepang earlier this year.


Baby and I, happily smiling.
It was exactly like how I pictured a music festival would be.
Lots of costumes, energy from the crowd, laughters, drinks, food, entertainment.


You'll definitely bump into tons of friends at the event.
It was still a calm and collected, your normal ravey Saturday afternoon as people were going around, exploring the place, drinking, chilling, talking. It was definitely a different environment.

I bought some Stereo merchandise, I think I spent a whole lot of  money on them too. I don't know if it was my shopping urges kicking in, or just my kiasu excitement to get everything haha.


The girls helping Melinda with her bandana haha. So cute!


Me and the girls once again. This time, sweaters all off in our rave outfits (:
2# Bare midrifts and shorts are okay in raves. In Malaysia you'll probably ge stared at or disturbed. So always wear something over.

&not forgetting the lads.
Desmond, Leyvin, Mervyn, KaiYoung, Howie, friend and Willy.


Me and Kiah who is smoking hot in her get up. Loving the tutu and the furry boots.
Look at the guy walking on my left, told you that you'd be amazed with the things you'll see there. People do dress up, and go all out.


There were rides too!
That never happens (or happened yet) in Kuala Lumpur. The people there super semangat to go on rides haha. But we were trying to make it to all the DJ sets we wanted to go to, and I am not a big fan of rollercoasters, so I skipped that.


Pohfern, Mel, Su and Howie.
We were chilling under a tree while some of them got food to eat.
Kinda skipped our lunch earlier but not to worry as there were food carts and food stands selling mini pizzas, hot dogs and so on.


I just love how the weather was so cooling that my face wasn't oily or sticky!
Having a perfect hair day ♡

Then we headed to the Main Stage (when I thought the first stage was already big enough, lol) just in time for Laidback Luke.


Try spotting the DJ, lol.
We didn't bother going infront, judging from the crowd.
3 different pictures and I dont know if many of you can even see Laidback Luke even in the third picture. But the atmosphere was there so who cares really.


Pohfern, Mel, me, Caijin and Su.
We got photobombed at the back haha.

It started getting cloudy, the skies looked gloomy. I hoped it didn't rain but it started to drizzle during Avicii's set. Thank god I bought a snapback! It came in handy when it started to pour.


The crowd went crazy when he played Levels.
He played a few good tracks though I was lost after the known hits.

The rain started getting heavier and we were shivering but I couldn't cared less (I actually didn't even realize until I looked back at these pictures *face palm*) and continued dancing and singing along. I actually like the rain! Hahah. It's something I won't do in KL.


Girlfriends protecting themselves from the rain.
Every drop felt like ice so you could imagine.


Anyways, who cares if it was pouring like mad.
It only lasted for 30 minutes or so.
Then it was back to partyingggg!


Me and my Stereo cap, post-rain with the girls haha. My hair was still in place, and no I did not use any hair spray or what not. I told you it was the weather!


The boys after the rain, with wet hair.
I remember us chugging down beer, and just singing dancing along. It felt like heaven. I felt free, happy and alive. I have never felt that way for so long, I know that sounds sad and great at the same time, but trust me it was more of the latter.


Baby and I again (:

And guess who I bumped into at Stereo?


Christmas came early, only at Stereosonic Melbourne haha.

Some people really took/made the effort to go all out especially with their choice of uhm 'clothes'. I spotted a dinosaur, roman greek warriors and the list goes onnnn.


Howie, Lynn, Jason, Adrian and a random dude who just jumped in the picture.
He's actually quite cute haha.

After that we went off to the Kabuki stage to look our other group of friends.
After a while everyone was everywhere. Well, that happens at big raves. You'll have friends who are into house, trance, electro, hardstyle music and they'll all be scattered everywhere.


I was sunburned as you can see. The sun rays are super strong here in Australia, always remember sunblock if you don't want to get tan or worst skin cancer!

So anyways, we were at the Kabuki stage. Which was indoors and definitely smaller.
Marcus Schulz was on when we were there.


You can see lots of effort at every different stage.
The thing I like the most, no saggy wet muddy places!

After a while we made it back to the main stage for Calvin Harris, my MUST SEE DJ!
Okay, I love him to death! Hahaha.


I didn't take any pictures or even videos because as I learnt from my past mistakes, if I did that I will be wasting out on all the fun when he spins. So nah, I'm sorry. But he was EXTREMELY good, better than Vertigo, and also better than Avicii, heck better than everyone I saw, but of course in my opinion la. He remixed his own songs, famous hits like Bounce, We'll Be Coming Back for You and he played Awooga too!

I was so busy jumping and singing along, especially when he played Spectrum and Sweet Nothing which he collaborated with Florence Welch. My favourites right now!

Then it was Tiesto.

The lights, atmosphere and everything was oh so perfect.

There were even fireworks but... the fireworks in Malaysia wins hands down! Haha, one thing we spend alot on are fireworks. Which I think is crucial though, cause it gives it that perfect ending to a perfect night.


Mel, Jason, Desmond, Lyn, me and half of Su, oops!

Here's a proper one.


Mel, Jason, Desmond, Lyn, myself, Su and Kaiyoung.


What an experience it was and I had lots of fun!
Too much fun indeed that my leg was so sore the day after, my feet and ankles were aching when we left. I could barely even stand up as we were heading back to the city. I love how the emergency team, the police, the people running the event were all so on hand with everything. Free transportation back to the city was provided with trains every five minutes. Anyone who passes out or faints, less than a minute and you'll see medics there. Everyone working or helping out for the event is helping all the party-goers/ravers to get back home safely and that makes me feel so secure!

Here's a couple of video from the night.
It's not perfect or clear but hey, I was jumping and dancing. This was the best I could do haha.

Avicii - Levels.

Tiesto, from sundown to nightfall.
You can watch the sun setting ; what an evening!

Till then, x.

Edit // Here's the full set for Calvin Harris!
Can't believe I was there.


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