Voting time!

Ahoy there!


I'm sure a few of you have been aware of the FHM Girl's Next Door Competition that has been going on, no?
Well, if you haven't here's the drift, 10 girls competing to be your next FHM Girl Next Door!


I am in the finals, and I would really really really appreciate if you could take 5 mins of your time to send in an e-mail to to "Vote for Stephanie Lim, for FHM GND".

It would really make my day if you could (':


Pretty pretty pweeeeease?
Every vote counts and I am counting on you guys! :D

Send an email to :-

Subject: GND
"Vote for Stephanie Lim for FHM GND"

*make sure you remember my surname "Lim", cause there's two Stephanie's in the competition*

Thank you, regardless whether you voted or not but I hope to see all of you at the finals!

Till then, xx.

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