✈ Phuket ♡ 2013 (pt. I) ✈

Last month the boyfriend and I had our post anniversary vacation!

We decided to head to Phuket for our one year. 
The choices were between Bali and the islands in Thailand. I decided to skip the headache of converting Rupiahs and what nots and went with Patong as I can still remember a few things from my last trip about 7 years ago. Thank god we went with this decision as Erin mentioned after her trip to Bali that alot of hoarding and conning happens in Bali especially if you're there for the first time. We wanted a relaxing trip but still able to have fun, so to me Patong has it both as Krabi can be a tad bit quieter. 

Once we touched down in the airport, which was quite small, which means less walking involved (yay!) we headed to the taxi stand and got ourselves a cab. I do not like being ripped off so the best way was to head to the proper taxi stand and buy a ticket.

Our ride was a comfy and smooth one as we cruised into the main area of Phuket, Patong Beach where we will be spending 2 nights there.

We pulled up at our hotel which was the Holiday Inn Express Patong.
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Greeted by friendly welcoming staffs, mod deco and a really cool infinity pool (too bad I didn't take pictures of the pool sobs).

It's still a new hotel as renovations were still ongoing next door, I think convenient stores and massage parlours are gonna be occupying the shop lots next to the hotel. Our room was quite spacious for the price we were paying, the furniture was brand new and it was super clean and comfy!

I love how Holiday Inn ALWAYS provides soft and firm pillows, even at the Holiday Inn Express!
We chose this hotel firstly cause it was affordable, it's in Patong where everything is there and also the fact that it is afterall, the Holiday Inn, you can't go wrong there. Eventhough the hotel is located at the south end of the Patong stretch, everything was still a walking distance.

Do ask for a room on the first or second floor as mine was on the ground floor behind the Jacuzzi so the sound of water splashing got a bit annoying at times. Oh and since it was Express, not much amenities were provided like conditioner, still okay, you get what you paid for but my hair suffered as I didn't know haha!

Got settled down and changed for the beach!

The boyfriend was already comfortably snoozing away on the bed (shows how comfy it was), so I had to drag him out for some fun out in the sun!

We walked to the beach from the hotel which was only like 200m away.

So glad to be out in the sun!
Though it is always hot and sunny in Kuala Lumpur but this is different as it is windy.

My #OOTD :
Cropped Lace Top - Goss;ps, Bangsar.
Surf Shorts - Volcom.
Flip Flops - Havaianas.
Beach Bag - Victoria Secret.
Bikini - Flea market at The Curve.

We walked about half of the stretch of Patong Beach then decided to laze and tan at one of the sunbeds located near our hotel. Be aware that using the sunbeds you will be charged 150-200baht for a pair. That's why you will see some laying on the sand to tan.

After some lazy time, we got back to the hotel for a refreshing shower and got dressed up for the night.
We headed to Phuket Fantasea, which is the most well-knowned shows in Phuket.

We felt like we were in Wonderland with all that beautiful lights and landscaping all around.
A for effort to making this place so attractive!

There were so many different sections containing different themes.
From a mini zoo where you will see snakes, white tigers, parakeets and even baby elephants to a little fun fair it is just a wow factor!

So extremely gorgeous, and there were three of them.

Can you spot the birds?

Then after we walked to the Elephant Palace where the show will be held later on.
Got there to check out the amazing architecture and lights.

Like I said, excellent planning and decorations.
Even placing!

There were elephant rides in the vicinity itself. You will be walking next to huge elephants. I have no clue how much the rides cost as I didn't see a point riding on a elephant in the middle of all these for 10 mins haha.

We then headed for our buffet dinner in this amazing building.

After the filling dinner at this huge hall we headed back to the elephant theatre for showtime.
Inside the theatre while waiting to be seated there were booths for photo sessions with baby tiger cubs and parrots. The prices weren't that cheap and since I once laid and slept on a huge adult tiger I didn't see a point.

Overall, the park was fun, it was something fun to see, touch and enjoy but the show was just okay to us. I guess cause we're asians and we do share certain traits with the Thai we weren't in awe about the whole show. Certain parts were enjoyable but that only lasted about 3-5 minutes while the other parts were just okay. The boyfriend even fell asleep at some point! Nevertheless different people different take. Do visit this place if you find it reasonable (I paid RM200 per pax plus dinner + transport, so if you could go for RM100-150 I guess it's okay).

No pictures were allowed inside so I guess you could either google it or well, see it for youself haha!
We ended the night with glasses of wine and Thai cup noodles.

To be continued..

Till then!

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