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Axwell // Zedd // Wicked 2013.

I would say that Wicked Entertaintmnt threw one of the best raves of the year! No squishing in and out of the entrance/exit and everything just felt comfortable.

We got there just in time for DJ Leng Yein's set then got ushered back to meet the one and only Zedd!

For a household name like his, he is super duper friendly! Greeted us with hugs and asked us how were we and so on. It's like catching up with an old buddy.

After meeting Zedd we headed out and continued raving.

Magdeline and I.  This girl is just mad in love with her Isabel Marrants hahaha.
We were jumping, singing, and just having a great time! 

Erin, Howie and Brian.

Baby and I.
Guess who I met after ages!

Myself and Anne, who got back from Sydney and headed off later on for Stereosonic. Jealous much!

Brian and I.
And it was time for Zedd! Oh god were we so excited or what. First time watching his set live since I missed the previous chance, and also meeting him before this.



edited //
Finally directing it to my blog where everything should've been stated here. All these stupid notifications on FB from cyber keyboard warriors is killing my phone battery. 

Problem 1# The girl who posted the video has taken it down. I don't know where that leaves any of us but from now onwards we are just basically strangers and thank god for that. I do not know how many more years of arguing with her I can take. 6 years of her holding a grudge against me for something I didn't do? That's more than crazy, and look who's calling the kettle black. Please do not mention my name to her and vice versa as I think I can speak for the both of us, that we DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO IN EACH OTHERS LIVES. So stop hoping to see us fight, it's not very fun. 
But even with that said, she still posts things up in hopes to make me enraged with fury that I'll start arguing with her. Come on. Why do you go and say you don't want drama but still continue post…

The Rabbit Hole® // PLAYBOY™

A bunny invasion hit Changkat last Thursday for the official launch of Playboy Condoms in Malaysia at The Rabbit Hole®, the newest hotspot along KL’s party strip. The infamous bunnies got the crowds excited with a tantalising dance number whilst donning killer heels, fishnet stockings and their signature floppy ears. 

In 2010, entrepreneur Jimmy Esebag through the company United Medical Devices (UMD) announced the launch and worldwide distribution of Playboy Condoms which is the only line of top quality prophylactics to be officially associated with Playboy’s lifestyle of sophistication, high style and pleasure. Three (3) years on and Playboy Condoms has finally made its way to Malaysia!

The Rabbit Hole is operated by The Beer Factory™ group and houses six unique concept environments within a 3-story pre-colonial building located at the end of Changkat Bukit Bintang (opposite Havana). Thus far three (3) of the rooms are ready including the bar on the ground floor as well as the “Heineke…