VLOG 3# - Hair Care ♡

I'm addicted to VLOG-ing!
I feel like I am more engaged and interactive with you guys than just words and still pictures haha.
But I am always open for comments , so if you prefer the usual blogging style just drop me a comment and let me know :)

Here's my third video about my hair care regime, a short simple one as I was rushing out haha.
Sorry for all the stumbling and 'lost for words moment'.

5 little note(s) ♡:

  1. Topical news, have to get Smoothes Frizz hair! The formula helps to preserve hair color and repair damage caused by chemical services. This natural hair care products help you Fizzy, kinky, textured hair. It’s all natural ethnic hair care at an affordable price.

  2. Can I know where u get the products? What is the name of the shop? (as you mentioned you bought in sungai wang) :)

    1. I've forgotten the shops name but just ask for Keratin Leave in Treatment, any brand would help :)

    2. Thanks a lot ~ I like ur hairs so much ~ I wish my hairs could be like yours ~ I put a lot of efforts to improve my hair condition ... But still easy to breakage .haiz...

    3. It can! my hair is very dry especially after I dyed it blonde. I had to do treatments every week, then once a month. I use things which contains keratin to give my hair the strength it needs. Try that :) it might work for u.


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