#OOTD : knitted dress ♡ & a new www.StephanieLim.net !

Hey guys! I hope you're liking my new layout.
I felt like the old one just couldn't cut it anymore, especially in these times where technology is almost everything. And I needed a new fresh look, something exciting and clean but simple for browsing and easy on the eyes. 

Tell me what you think and what you would like to see ;) I take everything into consideration so feel free to tell me like how it is.

Anyways, got this beautiful knitted one piece from ENF Look, watch from Daniel Wellington.

Check them out for the latest updates and coolest clothing for the everyday lady at :

Enjoy 5% when you key in "STEPHIIELIM" upon check out.

And enjoy special discounts on www.danielwellington.com by keying in "STEPHANIE15" ! :)


|| pictures shot by Ian from https://www.facebook.com/Image.By.Ian using a Sony RX100 ||

p/s : Regarding the blog layout, it was a trial and error process mainly but I was given advises/tips about the layout from people from the States (as Malaysians weren't so helpful or giving *sad face*) ranging from bloggers to photographers and web designers. They were so helpful and took the time to guide me and patiently answered my questions. So grateful and I hope you enjoy it as I've enjoyed designing it! 


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