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Dior Fall 2017 Collection with Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood actress who is most popularly known as the lead character in “The Hunger Games” movies, stars in “La Fille. Le Sac.” – a film recalling the new wave cinema aesthetic, where she embodies the Dior Fall 2017 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, inspired by the allure of bohemian Paris. The Dior Fall 2017 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri campaign was shot by French photographer Brigitte Lacombe, and captures Jennifer Lawrence just as she is. In a series of black and white photographs the actress and house muse appears both elegant and relaxed, unposed and without artifice. The clothes she wears correspond to her own personal style as a young woman of today: a bar jacket over a statement t-shirt, pumps or j’adior ballet flats worn with jeans – a faultless balancing act of comfort with a touch of sophistication.