DiGi Birthday Bash @ BarC, Sunway Pyramid.

Janise, Jasmine, Charine, moi & Erin.


i'm the one behind the console, partying it up like there is no tomorrow.
we're the one dancing and jumping; totally pumped out. feeling the adrenaline rushing through our veins.

boo you.
the one; being the background wall, yea thats u. sorry to say that.
boring much? hell yea. try to bring me down so you can feel better for your sorry ass self? aww too bad, its not working. wanna mock the way i live my life and how i look? look yourself in the mirror. eew. if u said my life aint fun yada yada, why are u comparing yours to mine.
ugh, ya la. you know who you are.
you know shits la, talk so big on the internet. dont even dare to state your name. at least be smart abit la! the way you write 'whatsitcall' people also know who the fuck you are. omg!
writing things that arent true and putting your friends in trouble. for the sake of looking good on your social network. fucking gossiper with no life, go find something else to do, like maybe start going to the gym?
yuck, puke puke puke.

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