nothing more than just tic tacs.

Was browsing through my old blog few days ago.
all the good old memories 

Still there are certain things I do miss dearly.
Especially the high-school years, the mischievous things me and my friends were up too!

I remembered I started blogging because my bestie Wendy, had a blog. & Friendster was getting really boring then. Lol. It started off small, and just something to do(?) hmm anyways, I fell into the blogging mojo and never looked back; till now. 

Honestly, I have tons of pictures; still on my desktop, waiting to be uploaded and shared with you readers. But for some certain reasons, the feeling aint there anymore.

I use to felt a sense of freedom by writing my deepest thoughts and opinions, but now it seems that I have to go through over and over again about what i'm writing. 
I feel like i'm hiding in a box.

Reading through my old blog/posts I realized and compared it to this current one, & I could sense the lost of flavour and sense of humour.

Oh wells. 
Things come and go.

On another note, 
for the awesome and wonderful new blog layout!
simple & organized.

Till then!



Anonymous said…
the wendy is me ar? haha. never insert my blog url :( sad. i make u blog wan meh? dint know i got so huge influence to u. haha!!!
Unknown said…
loving your new layout! ;)
stephiielim said…
Wendy : If not? I got a lot of besties named Wendy isit? LOL! Hehehe. okay its! hehehehe. Yeah, u started then seewai, then me. Cause I thought it was fun lol.

Abbie : Thanks dearie, bigger thanks to SeeWai for designing it lol.

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