Vacation with babylv at Gardens Hotel @ Midvalley.

me and the Boyf checked into Gardens Hotel one fine afternoon, I remembered we were actually kinda late hahaha. Not use to getting up early , mind you.
& the funniest part was that both of us *well mostly me* brought tons of luggage as if we were staying for a week! lol.

The room was about average size, normal deluxe room with two queen sized beds ; but the furnishing was really to my liking  :D mhmm and I loved the bathroom hahaha. It was a non-smoking hotel by the way.

thats my boo on the super comfy bed !

As he was busy watching tv , I sat by the lazy chair and read my book.

& thats me without my make up.
my eyes are supahsmallballs  ):

The view ;

facing Kuchai Lama/Old Klang Road/OUG ; my old spot hey!

& the pool (:
see the two weird domes?
one is still empty and the other is a restaurant if im not mistaken.

looks so eco friendly , like some enviromentalist place/nursery lol.

Then we went over to Mid Valley for some shopping 
& ended up having lunch at Zouk Cafe ; which was more like a chilling out spot instead of a proper place to dine. Still, their snacks and appetizers were to die forrr!

Back to the room and changed then off to the pool!

thats me and my book & babylv in a robe , hahahah. 
I made him wear that ;p

prized shot!

it was really breezy and it was a infinity pool!
so me and babylv sat there chitchat for abit and I did a bit of reading.

my hair is so shortttt  ):  , fml.

the boyf stoled my camera and took a self shottt.


super happy baby

yours truly.

Sasha Blake's Betrayal , not a bad read I would say.
full on dramatic, romantic and everything in between ; dark complicated , mhmm me love!

Around 6pm plus , we got ready and headed back to Damansara to meet with the rest for a karaoke session at Neway, One Utama.

my boyf seriously damn cute can?

@ Neway.

Didn't manage to take much pictures tho, was busy eating and singing away, hehehe.
Not a bad way to start the night  :D

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