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anniversary ♥

7th Months and countingg (:
This time I told Mr Unicorn to sit back and relax while i'll do the planning. So after all the mind cracking , scheming and thoughts --
I brought the boyfie to Petrosains KLCC.

I thought it would be really and fun & totally new for us, hehe.

I was so afraid that he's gonna think i'm some kind of weirdo with kiddy fantasies so yea, I was glad that he opened up to the idea of Petrosains :DD
we were playing the guessing game all the way to KLCC cause I never told him where I was bringing him to.

theBoyfie being a kid again :DD

dont you think the backgrounds look so realistic? or somehow we both matched the background really well. lol

reflective mirrors, wheeeeee!

okay my boyfriend is living in denial and thinks hes stronger than the mighty T-Rex. lolol :pp

guess whatttt..

we both were astronauts  for the day hahah! I think we looked rather freaky tho.

Then we got to ride a helicopter simulator. Luckily I didnt die of drowsiness! gosh.

us. waiting for the ride. heeee…

she's out of my league.

Done with finals! :D

hahahahahahah babys damn cuteeee!


ooh and im blondie now, hello!

bringing it back to the old times (:

Maison -- ages ago. Why? Cause we were just bored out of our minds, lol.


the besties cousin -- KennethSim

highschool buddies (;

upper podium dancingggg, wheeee :D

& then we went clubhopping, lol.
Dropped by Mansion, which was kinda dodgy. Like some weird thang going out and two white chicks getting really wild and stuff. ahems.
so yea anyways we got our drinks (:


cherries anyone?

Gossip Girl

Now tell me who hasnt seen/watch Gossip Girl or even never heard of it? Lol.
I even have the book -____-
anyways a sneak peak of the season finale. will Queen B still be with Mr Chuck Bass?

omgomg, MUST WATCH!
p/s : I heard they broke up tho, we'll have to see!


somebody to loveee.

Hectic week ; more like its gonna be TWO weeks.

had my share of fun, and it aint ending till the weeks over. then i'll be eating, sleeping & shitting books.
*zheng zheng zheng*

till then, ta! x.



"Hmmmmm, nothing's good online ; lemme entertain myself with some good old webcam fun! :D"


"Dumbo not looking at the screen! -__-" ishhhh spoil my shot only"


*tries to kacau him a bit, so maybe, just maybe he'll pay attention*
"RAWRRRRRR! Look at the screen or else...!"


"... Or else i'll take your menu away! :pp nenenenene" Him trying to merajuk ; awww.

But in the endd...

nobody camwhored with me ): booboo.


when I see colours, flowers and baloons ; I think of summer/spring!
I know everyones digging floral prints now ; but i'm so digging cropped tops and baggy blouses. so comfy! :D and Marina and The Diamonds - Hollywood. hahaha go google. ooh and scents by Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana.

damnnnn, but mummy doesnt wanna buy. sad. she said we got too much perfumes ; more like she has a whole drawer full of unused ones. doesnt mean I cant have one. pooooop. yes girls, if you like fun floral and sweet scents go try them on! I think you would looooooooove them as much as I do (: