anniversary ♥

7th Months and countingg (:

This time I told Mr Unicorn to sit back and relax while i'll do the planning.
So after all the mind cracking , scheming and thoughts --

I brought the boyfie to Petrosains KLCC.

I thought it would be really and fun & totally new for us, hehe.

I was so afraid that he's gonna think i'm some kind of weirdo with kiddy fantasies so yea, I was glad that he opened up to the idea of Petrosains :DD

we were playing the guessing game all the way to KLCC cause I never told him where I was bringing him to.

theBoyfie being a kid again :DD

dont you think the backgrounds look so realistic?
or somehow we both matched the background really well.

reflective mirrors, wheeeeee!

okay my boyfriend is living in denial and thinks hes stronger than the mighty T-Rex.
lolol :pp

guess whatttt..

we both were astronauts  for the day hahah!
I think we looked rather freaky tho.

Then we got to ride a helicopter simulator.
Luckily I didnt die of drowsiness!

waiting for the ride.

idk how, but I managed to get this effect with my camera ;
the boyfie pitching (:

basically we both had pure awesomeness funnnnn!
we played with cool lights and motions sensors, there was even a thingamajigg which you had to use your mind to power it. Damn awesome can?

anyways our feet were aching and we chilled at 

this is where we both started snapping pics of each other, and trust me not all of them were good hahahaha. Had some silly candid cmi shots, which I will keep private! heh.

my baby not a bad photographer heh?

anyways we then headed home to rest for abit, and then got changed etc ;
and of we go!

this time I made him close his eyes.
& once again he started guessing where we were heading.

surprised him with dinner at D'Italiane Kitchen, Giza.

& a bottle of Bellini for both of us to indulge on (:

For starters we had , Sauteed Mushrooms because we both are mushroom maniacs!

boyfie looking all so handsomey heh.

For my main, I ordered the Beef Bacon Risotto.
My cravingg for creamy baked rice in wine mmmmm.

He had the Garlic Lamb Cutlets which was TO DIE FOR!
never tasted anything this delish before omg, made my risotto so bland ; ugh.

had a wonderful dinner, managed to chit chat abit and then back to my place with one more last surpriseee.

Bed with rose petals, filmstrip pictures and a very girlie boxer hahaha.
super kinky :p

Happy Anniversary hubby!


ww said…
Its really fun to go places like petrosains once awhile with our loved ones right x)
i went there with my bf too!
You look really happy & sweet with your bf!
Anonymous said…
hey dear.. can i know where u get the top u wore when u went to petrosains with ur bf.. very sweet couple =)

You'd be interested in . . .