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feels so closee to you right now ;

Mind the title, its a songg.
By now you have prolly guessed that the posts are all scheduled heehe, i'm currently away somewhere. LOL.
How was the weekend treating y'all? How was Christmas?

Anyways feast your eyes for some visual satisfaction. Cheesy I know, pictures from those Zoukie nights ;
but first The Hills for Yelloween!

Not many pictures, cause I was busy catching up and chattering away with the girlfriend AND also being entertained by the silly things the guys were up too. But it was a good chilling night and everyone was dressed up! Too bad I used my costume for Zouk.

For the celebration at Zouk on halloween, I was a bunny and the sister of mine was the lil devil she is :pp

On the way, me and Jeniifer Foh.

Erin and Jeslyn

NickM & I

Dancingg like there's no tomorrowww ;

the very cute couple Alex and Erica.

Friend, Yewloong, Venice and I.

Erin and Alvin.

Nick Tan & I.

Jeslyn, Shorty and I.

Yeehui & Eric ;

two drunktards in the houseee!

Birthday boy Yew Loong!

Me, Kiki an…

Merry Christmas '11 !

Hello there! Wishing everyone a Merry Merry, joyous Christmas!
Currently overseas -- will be missing out on all the fun you KL peeps are having but oh wells, nothing beats quality family time :)

I wonder whether I'll be coming home to something special or whether anyone back home misses me, no? Lols.
Justt kiddingg, or maybe not. HAHA! I shall stop mindfckin ya'll.

So I found super old pictures :

Christmas in '10 -- Bakita, Changkat Kuala Lumpur.

with Faez and Jaafar. I miss them!

Christmas in '08 -- Jogoya, Starhill.

Dinner with my girlies frm highschool. Everyones away or busy I dont even see them anymore. Try spotting Seewai and Wendy! Hahahaha. How much we've all changed.

I can't really remember what I did in '09, cant find any pictures as well. Hmmmm.

Once again Merry Christmas, have a blessed one everybody!
Till then, x.

Far East Movement live in Kuala Lumpur '11 ;

This was a VERY VERYY last minute decision to head to KL Live to catch Far East Movement live in Kuala Lumpur. Was tempted with the chance of meeting them in person. I still remembered I was stressing out on my studies as I had a paper the day after. But you know whats life without taking a risk, its not like opportunities like these comes by often heehee.


So by the time I decided it was around 11pm, I was like what the heck, dragged Erin along with me and headed to KL Live.
Thankfully we got there just in time as they started performing around then.

The crowd was soooo into it, everyone was jumping and singing along.

My pass for the concert heehee ;

Erin and Catherine.

Backstage , Erin (:

So we caught the remaining of the performance backstage. And to watch Far East Movements energy as artists and performers was like woah. The effort and hardwork they put into every set was amazing and admirable.

& finally, we got to met our cuti…

Pop Phones!

Heard about the latest gadget craze?What's with the long cords and funky colored old school telephones?
Well guess no further, its technology latest trend. POP PHONES!

Spot all the famous celebs and their own Pop Phones. Talk about setting a new trend! Imagine all the attention you'll be getting, carrying these babies out with you. But its not all about the attention, in fact these phones were designed to reduce the harmful radiation mobile phones omit.
Further more these Pop Phones allow you to access your phones function while making a call and also has a noise reduction system!
How to get yourself one you wonder? Well fret no more, get yours now on!

These babies comes in different colors :



✈ Melbourne ♡ 2011 [pt. II] ✈

You guys probably wouldn't really remember much since the last post was like earlier this year.
& come to think of it, its already December now. How time flies. I know, I cant stop saying this. But yeah, its freaking DECEMBER already. and I visited Melbourne in May. Wow, what a year. Drastic changes, good and bad. I still hope I can go on living by the line, "Live without regrets" but i'm not really sure about that now 'le sigh. But as time passes, wounds heal and things change. Let's just look at the bright side, and stay positive, always worked for me.

So anyway, back to Melbourne. In total I took 800 pictures over the two and a half week I spent there. I have no idea how many posts I will end up having about Melbourne, but i'll be taking my time on this as, I have too much to update about my life here! haha. But i'm doing this for the great vacation I had there (:

One fine morning, yeah I really do mean fine. It is hardly sunny over there. Or mo…