Merry Christmas '11 !


Hello there! Wishing everyone a Merry Merry, joyous Christmas!
Currently overseas -- will be missing out on all the fun you KL peeps are having but oh wells, nothing beats quality family time :)

I wonder whether I'll be coming home to something special or whether anyone back home misses me, no? Lols.
Justt kiddingg, or maybe not. HAHA! I shall stop mindfckin ya'll.

So I found super old pictures :

Christmas in '10 -- Bakita, Changkat Kuala Lumpur.


with Faez and Jaafar. I miss them!

Christmas in '08 -- Jogoya, Starhill.


Dinner with my girlies frm highschool. Everyones away or busy I dont even see them anymore. Try spotting Seewai and Wendy! Hahahaha. How much we've all changed.

I can't really remember what I did in '09, cant find any pictures as well. Hmmmm.

Once again Merry Christmas, have a blessed one everybody!
Till then, x.


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