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somebody I know loves this song ; post title then heehee.
sooooo, I've been zouking, everyweek, same time, same place. Every week twice or so, I should cut down, so I wont get bored soon enough lol. & the pictures that has been piling up is just a hugeeeee that i'm gonna combine all of it. this is from two nights of zouking, or three.
Phuture & Velvet nights.

yours trulyy.

back barrr with our long island! tania, catherine and me.


someones first night at Zouk ; zouk cherry popped! seewai & me.

Catherine and I ; camho partners :)

Seanieeekins and meee ; oh wait this was at mainroom. dropping by to say hellooooo.

our silly faces! collin, cath, me.

Kevin & us.

blackberry king Eric Soong who fixed my pinkberry and us ;

Evelyn & I :)

Lai Kweeeee. someones birthday celebration comingg up. what epicness shall it behold hmm.

21st Birthday (pt. I)

so lets start off with the eve of my birthdayy. & guess what?
the good ol' buds of mine and my family surprised me by the stroke of midnight. by jumping onto my bed from the back when I was on the comp.
then as I got downstairs, they brought me a cakeee and pressies! :D sweeeet!

my greedy face, harhar. I kidd*
sang me a songg and wished me well wishes.
then it was time to blow of the candles! but after that, they made me do this silly birthday tradition which I have managed, so far, to have avoided doing, till now.

picking the candles out with my teeth. OHMYGOD. thanks to Erin who smashed my face futher. who came up with this anyway?
after some cake & champagne we adjourned to Ecoba for drinks with the otherrs.
Day 1 ended.
The next day, Day 2. Mummy & daddykins threw me a dinner at Damansara Palace with close relatives & friends.
As usual, I was fashionably late. & surprised with a bouquet of roses from the dear sis, and lots and lots of pressieeees! muahaha.
p/s : pictures arent …