somebody I know loves this song ; post title then heehee.

sooooo, I've been zouking, everyweek, same time, same place. Every week twice or so, I should cut down, so I wont get bored soon enough lol.
& the pictures that has been piling up is just a hugeeeee that i'm gonna combine all of it.
this is from two nights of zouking, or three.

Phuture & Velvet nights.

yours trulyy.

back barrr with our long island!
tania, catherine and me.


someones first night at Zouk ;
zouk cherry popped!
seewai & me.

Catherine and I ;
camho partners :)

Seanieeekins and meee ;
oh wait this was at mainroom.
dropping by to say hellooooo.

our silly faces!
collin, cath, me.

Kevin & us.

blackberry king Eric Soong who fixed my pinkberry and us ;

Evelyn & I

Lai Kweeeee.
someones birthday celebration comingg up.
what epicness shall it behold hmm.

Catherine me and cynthiaaaa.

Fizer & I.

gungho cam loverrs, lol.

darlingg vivian and meee.

she complained that I was too tall, lol.

bar time with Taniaaa!

Chun Min and us girls.

Elvin and I.

me, Jes & Elvin.

being a monsterr, rawrrrr.

simon and I.

Mr. Ernest and I ;

us again, bahahahaha.

magician boy Zlwin and I.

Kevin, againnnn.

the darlings, power kakis of zouk for every week ;
who makes sure i'm safe from everything, loveee themmmm.

& last pictureee ...

Fabian and I ;)

till the next postt,


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