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black & goldd ;

a whole week off! time for some partying I hear? :D
wishing every Malaysian & muslim around the world a Selamat Hari Raya! drive safe and enjoy the festivities ! x

Maple & Nelson's Farewell.

Hello peopleee! I woke up with an awesome mood today ; minus the slight hangover & wisdomtoothache, thinking about yesterday beats everything hands down. Yeps, yesterday! My first ever time blogging an event the day after, lol.
So it was a great day AND night with the besties & boyf. all had dinner together with mumsie, berbonding and etc ; headed back to my place and got changed for Zoukie!

sis and I.

four of us, all color coordinated and in my dresses! hahaha.
then off it was to Zouk!

baby, me and Nelson :)

my darlings ; Russian Girl Maple, Seewai, and Erin.

Penny, Rachel and CK.

SuperJemJem, baby and I.


Ezra and his angel, hahahaha.

soooo, this is when everyone goes crazzyyy?

me, Jun, Sam and a friend.

besties for years and counting ♥

Jessy, me and sis.

21st Birthday (pt. III)

Continuation of my birthday celebration, this will be the last part heehee. so for this round I had it in Zouk for some partytimee, with the close buds of minee ; thank god I didnt end up drunk with the different alcohol I was fed!
here it goes!

Erin and Lylia ; before the restt arrivedd.



champagne showerrs ♥

girlies and I , farr rightt Sarah darling who's in New Zealand now ): missing her loadds!

the godbro and I ♥

Sherrie and Debbie darlingg!


munjoon at the back ; Erin and Daryl.

Nick, me and YeeHui.

Goh Yuan.

thats when thinggs got started heehee ; effects of multiple alco kickin' in.

Tim Chew on the rightt.

Erin and Collin.

girls going crazyy harharr.