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more of THOSE nightts.

Is my blog getting dead? I really have no inspirations to write about anything! sighs* maybe cause i'm starting to get boring /: or maybe cause the little tea time and catch ups and shopping hauls are to small or naive for me to write about it on my blog anymore. Oh wells. Till I get more creative and see where I can take my blog too, hmm.
so once again, here's a jumbled up post of pictures from events and parties in the last month, the crazy one week zouk streak I did. still there's more pics but i'm already having a headache from uploading these.

Nick and I.

Ezraaa & I.

my crazeee girls! lotsaloveee :D

Superjemjem & I.

Kenzooo, super hypped as usual lol.

me, Erin and Seewai.

mydrink ;)

velvet-ing as usual, and as always ... PACKEDDD.

Jessy on my left & darling Shan on my right :)

Jean & Xiemun.

smalltineewineeeyes :p I hope they dont read my blog! hahaha. Fabian, Jeremy and Weilun.

Charis & I.

me, Kinkipoo & Evelyn ; notice the weirdo throwing air kis…

#OOTD : the bee.

Heys everyone!
Sorry for the long awaited updates. Been in and out of the hospital /: yeps I fell terribly ill, sobs*
but soon I promise more updates! my weekend almost went to waste but thankfully right after I was discharged, off I went to Arthurs Day with the bunch!
here's a new look uploaded on ; do check it out & Hype it!

till the next postt!

Biggest Hennessy Artistry Halo party of 2011!

What's this I hear? The Biggest Hennessy Artistry Halo party of 2011 is back and is lurking around the corner? o.O OOOOH EXCITEMENT!

What a nice way to be sipping a glass of Hennessy while watching first-class live performance in-front of you!
Hennessy has never been one to disappoint party-goer's like me, who has attended a few Hennessy Themed nights and H-Artistry on my own too.

Hennessy VIP Party @ Phuture ;

H-Artistry @ Opera, Sunway.
Now its back again, and the biggest Hennessy Event of the year. HENNESSY ARTISTRY HALO!

I wonder, which artiste would be performing in this year's Hennessy Artistry ? Any ideas anyone? Hehehehe, I'm sure its an international star! But who? Hmmm.

All and all, this event is not one to be missed! So do check in on Hennessy's Official Facebook page, to make sure you're always up to date with Hennessy related info, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! :D

I hope to see everyone there! ;)