more of THOSE nightts.

Is my blog getting dead?
I really have no inspirations to write about anything! sighs*
maybe cause i'm starting to get boring /: or maybe cause the little tea time and catch ups and shopping hauls are to small or naive for me to write about it on my blog anymore. Oh wells. Till I get more creative and see where I can take my blog too, hmm.

so once again, here's a jumbled up post of pictures from events and parties in the last month, the crazy one week zouk streak I did. still there's more pics but i'm already having a headache from uploading these.

Nick and I.

Ezraaa & I.

my crazeee girls!
lotsaloveee :D

Superjemjem & I.

Kenzooo, super hypped as usual lol.

me, Erin and Seewai.

mydrink ;)

velvet-ing as usual, and as always ... PACKEDDD.


Jessy on my left & darling Shan on my right :)

Jean & Xiemun.

smalltineewineeeyes :p
I hope they dont read my blog! hahaha.
Fabian, Jeremy and Weilun.

Charis & I.

me, Kinkipoo & Evelyn ;
notice the weirdo throwing air kisses up?
yeap that's Zlwin, wonder what the heck he was tryna do lol.

partners in crimee :)

Kapoh, Abigail and me.

Seewai taking a 'nap' I hope hehe. With Simon going all bunny ears behind her and Erin.

Michelle Yip and I, its been a longg time!

always hot Leng Yein, the always gorg Zana and I ;

Kimberly & Natlynn!

nerdy Eric ;p

darling sis Michelle ;)

Seewai, me, Fabian, YinLing and Jessy.

Vivian, Seewai and I.

darling Sherrie Berrie :)

miss bimbs :pp

Collin's face is justt epic!
wonder what Cyn was talking about hehehe.

minniemouse darling Min Hui .

Naomi from MHB :D

Tania and Sam ;)

me, weilun & kapoh.
he who always makes us drink, eyerr.

the girls!

Ivy, me, Jackyln, Kimmie and Doreen.

super hot DJ/Artiste from Japan.
she's damnnn hot, loving everything from head to toe!

Alvin & I.

Angeline the beauty and I.

Sam, the guy who buys you shots nonstop D:

Eric, LengYein and I ;

Kiki darls!

Hennessy Night ;
VVIP spot at Phuture.
Look at the madd crowdd.

& the gigantic bottle of hennessy, oh my.

Crystal dear & I.
notice the guys on our left and right heeeheee.

lol, just had to do that.

& I shall end this post with ..

Innocent Seewai being protected by Leng Yein :D

till then!


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