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Estee Lauder 🖤

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair
"Now the term 'Beauty Sleep' has a new and significant meaning." - Estée Lauder 1982
With a legacy of firsts, the “little brown bottle” remains one of the best-selling, best-performing products in Estée Lauder history. This little brown bottle was a revolutionary moment in skincare history as skin care became skin repair and its importance of night as the best time to repair was introduced and from then onwards Estée Lauder has continued to revolutionise night repair.

ADV: Diamond Water DIAMOND Coral Filter System

Water is a daily neccesity and it plays a very important role in maintaining and helping our bodies immune system to flush out toxins and also providing it with all the benefits it does. Not only do we need it internally but water plays a major part externally. From our daily showers to brushing our teeth, the quality of water, holds a very crucial role.
Recently, I was introduced to Diamond Water with a DIAMOND Coral filter system installed in my house for me to try. It is a filtration system that could provide a key to a 'healthier' water system into your household or office spaces. DIAMOND CORAL’s unique water system passed nearly 200 safety and performance tests, proven to be able to filter and remove rust, dust, bacteria, chemical components and heavy metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, lead and many others. The purified water met the drinking water safety standards set by World Health Organization (WHO) and reserved beneficial minerals at the same time.

DIAMOND Coral u…

Review: Gogoprint ♡

Easy online printing of your promotional material and business stationery
Nowadays there's tons of individuals and even small businesses that are searching for tools and platforms that allows them to conveniently and easily support their operations. This encompasses printing needs as well of course.
While the printing industry traditionally relies on a quite old-school business model, where you go to a printing shop, send an mail, or get on a call to order your business cards and/or flyers. I can't imagine going through so much hassle anymore especially after discovering Gogoprint!

It seems like this is changing in Southeast Asia, following developments in Europe, North-America, and Australia. Gogoprint, a start-up launched in Thailand in November 2015 and active in Malaysia and Singapore since October 2016 and February 2017 respectively, enables anybody to conveniently order print products in order to support their business. They carry a range of products which includes promoti…