Gossip session

Met up with my babes at Delicious, One Utama for a damn chun gossip session.

I was there the earliest, cause Jacklyn said she had to work. So I got there around like 11am?
And then I got two sms'es. One from Fran saying that she'll be late.. Hangover.. And then another one from Jack saying she'll be late also.. Hangover..

I was like -.- Ok.

Went shopping with sis, tons of pictures and a really hot dress but my stupid thumbdrive had to be reformatted also. So I lost all the pictures, I'll upload them later.

Around 12.30pm I headed down to Delicious.

Thats Madeline on the left and Jacklyn covering her KO'ed face.

Me and Fran below.

We talked for about 2 hours straight weyy.

Good times!
Shall do it again soon yea?



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