Ice Skating @ Sunway Pyramid.

On Wednesday I have a six hour break during college hours.

So instead of just stonning or passing time in a mall.
The bunch and I headed down to Sunway Pyramid for some action.

We went for Ice Skating!

Afdzal reading the terms and rules.

While Loyce was dressing up looking all so hawt :)

The two future Polo models.

Me and Loyce. Loyce being a naughty naughty school girl!

On the ice, Loyce brought her camera in and took pictures illegally!

First shot, chou tut dou. Haha ;DD
Its so hard to balance and pose on ice wey.
Its been a long time since I Ice Skated.

Second time, still getting there.
See the legs! Unbalanced.

Finally! The third one's a charm :)
Not so bad huh?

Skated for about 3 and 1/2 hours straight.
Legs were super tired and numb!

Changed back to our shoes and left Sunway Pyramid to Asia Cafe.

Met Farhana there, had lunch and then ciao'ed.

Lovely day.



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