My usual, well not so anymore.. But yeah Maison on Thursday!

It is quite empty nowadays. But we had 4 hours of crazy fun.

Got steam coming out when we kiss. LOL.

My babes and I.
Josie, Kath and Me

Bumped into Pei Pei as well :)

My sicky sick sick baby.
So pale!

Botak pouring drinks for everyone.

Blur Ben Ben.
He got the name because.. You can see why thru the pictures lah!

AhPhang, Baby and Botak

Entertainer of the night, my dear gay friend James.
Yeah he doesnt mind me calling him gay.

Cause you see he is!

This is where all the fun start ;DD

Josie having an orgasm. Hahahah ;p

WARNING : Really obscene pictures coming!

Do not critisize anything! Dont like it, you can press the 'X' on the upper taskbar now!

No more " I kissed a girl and ... " Its the other way tonight.

Josie with another orgasm look.

I love my darlings!

Smurfyboo and 3B's


Blur Ben Ben had fun tonight!



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