Since I was caught applying 10 inches of makeup.
Thought I would like to share some info with you all.

Loose powder is a must for a night out.

The best one I've tried so far is Laura Mercier's Stardust.
Its a shimmering loose powder so people with dry skin wont have to worry!
But for me I have combo skin, it still works good tho. It can highlight your cheekbones and give you a very glowing complexion.

Anyway I went shopping with mummy yesterday.
And she wanted to buy another loose powder from Laura Mercier cause I kinda stole hers.
So while walking around I spotted a really cute casing of loose powder from Anna Sui.

The packaging is already damn chun :)

The holder looks even chio!

Yeah so I got that and well, its about the same as Laura Merciers one.

It cost only about RM144 which I found affordable.
And it works wonders, not only its nice to look at its a great loose powder.

Ooh the eyeliner is really good too, doesnt smudge like the one I got from Red Earth but its a bit more costly at RM67.

Anyhoo hope my opinion helped :)



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