MOS Mixtape

MOS Mixtape.
Last Thursday, ehh wait. Last last Thursday LOL.

Me and Eevon Awwww.

Sherrie and Sonia.

Stefanie and Stephanie

The girls and I.

My lovely ladies, hohoho.

Air kisses! Love my butterfly earings (:


Then met up with Josie and Louise later on.

Louise Josie and Me.

My hawt Jossie dancing withh..


Some other random guy ;p
Oooh they make a hot couple weyy!

Stefanie Aw singing on the VIP deck, lol.

Finally Kath arrived all the way from Seremban.

Jossie getting all of us drinks.

Bumped into so many people that night.

Yao Joe and I.
Where the hell am I looking?!

Cally and I

Candid chou tut shot -.-

Where am I looking again?

The lovely feodora :)

Ooh the and lastly the Japanese boy!

Kota and I

Met Cheryl too, after two long years!

Last pictures with my babies.


And a lovely picture of Jossie :)

The one who made sure I got home in one pieace! Hahha thanks.



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