Reading Wikipedia and watching the news now, all I can say or feel is that the world/earth is suffering badly from us humans.

Dont any of you guys feel bad?

Pollution, war, plagues, deaths, disease, I can name more than this but I rather not worry you guys so much.

Watching the news now on CNN, seeing those pictures; dead bodies, blood on the floor. My heart sank really really low. I feel like crying. I know i'm being damn dramtic and emo'ish now, but I do feel this way truthfully. I mean I dont get it with wars and terrorism. Does it make them feel good watching people die infront of them?

Plus, the current situation in Bangkok. It is just too much! Every year so many deaths on purpose! People get killed in schools, on the street, in the hotel, everywhere! No where is safe anymore.

We are repeating history again, but with more powerful weapons. Which means, more innocent deaths. Being called the 21st century humans, we are dumb'er than before.

Come to your senses people!

I wish all the slayed victims R.I.P.



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