Girls *hungry* Night Out @ Jogoya, Starhill.

Last Wednesday, after KLCC with the classmates.
I went down to Pavilion to meet my all time long girlfriends (:

Where are you all now? I'm here already.
We aree.. aree.. opposite Starbucks there la!!
Starbucks?! Inside or outside one?
The outdoor one! Just opposite there the shop sitting down..
Oh okayy.. Coming la..

*walk there, peeping in and out of every shop opposite Starbucks!*

Okayyyy, why didnt you just tell me its Carlos? Or the mexican restaurant?!
I dont know the name of the place la!
The sign is just above your head!!!!!
Ohh dont know la..


chou tut sial you Wendy!

Anyway, found them and the whole bunch was there minus Kah Yern.
sighh* Six years in Russia.

Stephanie ; Wendy ; Wei Ling ; Vicious Viv :)


Of course SeeWaiMukaBesar!

They shisha'ed there for awhile, and then crossed over to Starhill and up to Jogoya.
It wasnt that packed yet when we arrived.

After the 50% discount for ladies, we only paid RM57.20.
The total came up to about RM500+

Asked the waiter for a quiet place, he did a good job cause we had the table right at the corner near the desserts (:

We didnt waste any minute *we only had two hours to eat* and started pigging out on the food!
Just dropped the clip everywhere! Haha, and SeeWai had to wait for the oysters.

I dont get it why people would rush for it like theres no tomorrow when they know new ones are always made once the tray is finished; and its not like it is very fresh or something!
Ugh, I only had one and got sick of it already, rather pay RM2 per piece at Carlos.

SeeWai and her cute chubby cheeks, eating eating eating.
Haha :DD

Each of us got a VIP voucher. That means we can get special food/items.
I used mine on this..

Cheese baked king oyster!
It is bigger than the palm of my hand, I would say its twice the size of my hand!

The other girls quietly eating, haha I think me, SeeWai and Wendy was the noisiest.

Ooh, the only thing improved was that, they had more exquisite seafood and alcohol!
As usual, I had my wine and SeeWai drank loads of cocktails until her face turned lobster red!

Wendy only drank Coconuts.
Loads of them.

Omg and you know what?
I found a bug inside one of them coconuts! Omggg eeew.
After that all the girls stop drinking them.


After we finished the main course, we yumcha and had our desserts (:

Blooming tea.

The bunch.

SeeWai, Me, Wei Ling, Wendy and Vivian.

Sunway gang, except Vivian!


& our bling bling yo!

Yes its our shoes! Heh, cant really see here but you see the sneakers?
Its totally bling'ed out!

After Jogoya, we camho'ed abit with the xmas tree.

Me and the vicious babe!

A group picture of us :)



acsmvtak said…
how come ladies get 50% off? how does the promotion goes?

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