Good morning

I just got about 2 hours of sleep and now im here trying my best to open my eyes wide for the IT presentation im gonna have in 10 minutes. Thankfully Mr Smurf got me soya milk, lol it helps okay.

Maison was the bomb last night, all my babes were there.
Well, almost. But sadly Kath lost her handphone! That suck balls la, she dropped it and we went looking for it, its quite imposibble but still we tried. Someone already took it anyway. The night ended with me being drunk. It has been a long time. LOL.

Anyway I got some great new, me and Mr Smurf had a baby, its name is Snowy!
Haha, no im not pregnant. We actually bought a hamster. Damn cute lor!
Shall post the pics up soon. Gonna get a partner for him tho.

Gotta go, LOVES.


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