Im blogging live while watching The Covenant on HBO.

Godd, the guys on this movie = Hotness sial.
Can melt sitting on the couch watching them.

I know tons of people commented that the movie sucked but hey you gotta give some to the male actors (: Their six pecs and looks is unbelievable!

The lead actor, played by Steven Strait.

He is damn hotttt.

But nowadays he looks like this

Still hot, but I prefer how he looked in the Covenant.
Hot and cute (:

Pogue Parry played by Taylor Kitsch.
Model and actor.

I think he has 8pecs hmm?

I think he is the most macho one in the movie.

Next is Reid Garwin played by Toby Hemingway.

He has this bad boy baby face kinda look going on, which is still hot but doesnt ooze machoness but I love is hair tho.

Lastly Chase Crawford playing the youngest son of Ipswich, Tyler Simms.

I guess you all would know him from Gossip Girl.
Need I say more?

I guess he is the cutest, hottest of all from my post here but sadly in the movie he looked the worst!

Anyway thats all in my opinion.
Feel free to give yours but dont drool till you wet your keyboard.



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