Ian's 18th @ The Curve.

Me and the gang of collegemates headed down to The Curve to celebrate Ian's 18th Birthday.
Thanks to Chun Lam I waited an hour and ended up driving myself to The Curve.

Met dem boys up at Laundry.
We didnt like the music so we went up to Sanctuary.

Chun Lam, Me and the birthday kid Ian.

One glass of Long Island Tea..

And yes, we have to crazy LeeChunLam.

Afdzal was there stoning away the whole time.

Or checking out girls perhaps?


Good night, good company.


Oops, did I mention we went drinking on a Sunday and had to wake up at 7am the next morning?
My godd. Im crazy -.-


Wendy dear, Jogoya pictures will be up soon k :)
You'll have to wait because im quite the busy and tons of post awaits! Hahah ;DD

Fran hun, your recent post rawks!
Haha, she better not add wood to the fire if she doesnt want any 'flaming' to begin.


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