Just got back from The Curve.
Im so tired, seriously I dont know how some people can stay awake for few days straight.

Anyway I saw the other persons bloggie.
*yeah had to, Miss Anonymous friend of mine said it was very important*
And I saw all the spamming about me.
Can die laughing!

Those spammers are so totally 'smart', wonder where they were educated. Home schooled maybe? Must thank their parents wey. Damn effing smart lor, can twist anything insideoutupsidedown.

In my own words : Everything said about me is so totally not true, and if you wanna believe go ahead la. I know its damn fun to have something to gossip so you can unleash your true bimbo'ness.

By the way 'witness' if such thing did really happened why wasnt there even a news about it? Till now? You know how fucking long ive never been to Maison? That means it happened pretty long ago. So why now? Is it because someone attacked your poor pitiful lifeless idol or what? Or maybe its you yourself? Hmmm? I aint dissin' you hunny, im just following what the verdicts says.

Enough said, I dont have to explain myself to shallow thoughtless people like you. I've been quiet and ignored all the nonsense long enough and I shall continue to do so.

Now back to me.


Babe! Msn msn!
My msn not working lah.
Yor! Woi!
Haha stop woi-ing me ad! Tomorrow im so busy la, not going anywhere.
Cannot! Sigh u went offline told ya fb chat sux
I like ur woi I pinjam it d thanks!

Youre damn cute lah Fran!
& I have my own WOI now. Haha.

Ohh I got great news! Ze brother of mine might most prolly be coming back the coming January for a short break! Im shoooo happy *jumps all around* cant wait! Hahaha.



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