Madagascar and KLCC.

First we had IT class with Mr. Siva

He and his cheeky smile.
Then me and the bunch headed down to KLCC because someone wanted to meet his gf and the other one wanted to watch Madagascar.

Michiko brought her big ass camera, I know its not as high tech as some other but still it looks damn chun haha!

Our beautiful KL town.
It was a gloomy day tho.

Parked at KLCC.
Came down and went out for a ciggie.

The one and only Traders Hotel, ahh all the memories :)

The magnificent twin towers.

Had breakfast cause we were like damn early.

I was eating so this two camwhored.

Shopped abit for awhile.

Hahah I like this picture of Michiko and her doll friends ;p

After the movie, which I found a bit boring.
Laughed less than 10seconds.
& we almost fell asleep, Michiko slept straight, woke up and asked me to explain to her the whole movie -.-

Then to a watch shop to fix her battery.

Picture of the day : Afdzal Azlan finger sucking pantene model! Hahaha.

Last picture, Ian with his gf.
The monkey looking Karen Mok.

I mean she looks okay la, but this picture seriously dont do her beauty and justice.



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