Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur & English Lecture.

As usual I had class last week Wednesday as usual.
During IT class.

Took some pictures.
And then me and the guys left to Bangsar. Loyce wasnt in KL, or so she said.
Michiko was sleepy. Najwa stopped college, so I was the only girl in the bunch that day.

Went for brekafast at Devi's cause we were waiting for Delicious to open.
Time passed so painfully slow, we couldnt take any longer so drove down to Kuala Lumpur.
Praying that we'll find our way to Pavilion.

At Pavilion, we all teman'ed Afdzal to Topman.

Malayboy wanted to do some shopping.

And then walked all the way to Sungai Wang, then Low Yat where we had brunch at Sushi King.
We walked back to Pavilion and paid RM7 for parking -.- Then drove back to college.

English lecture then..

Sleeping beauty Michiko, always asleep.

And then the MalayBoy...
After lunch sleep!

Then we had some camho sessions :)

Me and Irene

And what should have turned out as a really nice shot became...

Ruined by some gigantic monsters face!
Irene, me, and Ciao Ju.

Hairband session!

1# Michiko!

2# Poser Zal.

Lastly, Ian kena rogol ;p


On another note.

A beautiful day.


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