Erase and Rewind

Am, loving the new blog layout yo!
but the boyf says its to girlie for him, so he isn't so fond of it :P
ohh well, gotta get use to it bii!

Anyway since I'm currently waiting for him to finish his last paper.
I shall blog and type more useless stuff for you to read and waste time :)



Yesterday, I think, I came across some blogs from students from at my secondary school and theyre like all saying how much they miss highschool yadayadayada.

Hmm, but sadly I dont miss my highschool that much; unlike them they can cry for another chance of living in highschool.

First, the teachers in my school are damn old school. Which means their thinking is like damn old fashion and shallow. Yes i'm calling all you teachers in my highschool shallowmindedfreaks!

You see right, when I was Form 1 I was damn nerdy one *like Ms Wendy, hahaha* I studied hard, revised hard, always stayed in school, those kind of bullshit. Then after getting to know new friends and everything, I started spending more time with them than with my books.

I started off with, going to the petrol station opposite my school, where I started my liking for cupnoodles with egg. I still remembered when my friend stole an egg, cracked it and dumped it into my cupnoodle -.- . After that, we moved on to mamaks, where all the big brother and sisters are. Made me feel dangerous and naughty hahaha.

Things kept going on like that until all those gangsterism shit started coming out.
Let me make this clear, I NEVER JOINED ANY TYPE OF GROUP OR GANGS before! But sadly cause of my mamak and petrol stations outing, people started to have this impression of me that i'm sort of a gangsterkid. The teachers had fun during this period, calling student parents having talks. I think almost 10 of my friends got kicked out of school, because of this they stopped schooling. Hah, I remembered my dad was so pissed he wrote a letter and he didnt even bother to show up for the fucking meeting.

After that I was left alone, but without knowing anything the fellow teachers held grudges on me. As if I killed their beloved pets. We move on to Form 2, which was the funnest year ever in my whole highschool drama. My science teacher couldnt even speak english and yet she tried to teach us Science in English. The other teachers were almost equally the same. Thats why I failed maths so badly! Cause right this teacher, she went on her maternity leave and never came back almost half of the year we had no maths classes. So what I usually do in school was, eat, sleep, chat with my friends, go for PE the whole day. Damn syiok lor!

Form 3 was different cause I moved to a 'smarter' class. My long lost kindergarten buddy Mesha was in that class, so I had a partner. Then I made friends with Elaine, thats when I knew Wendy See Wai and Kah Yern. I still remember when I first entered that class, everyone gave me cockstares. Gahh. But in the end all turned out well. Form 4 I moved to another class, I was new there too. So yea, all ended up well haha. Stayed there till I was Form 5. The teachers during this period was okayy but the worst was my Form 3 BM teacher, fucking rude bitch. Ish she doesnt even teach that well. Still even up to that time, the prefects & disiplin teachers kept trying to get me introuble so I could be suspended or something. You see right, for the whole time I was in high school I always brought my handphone, cause sometimes I need to make emergency calls to my mom or smth. And so, they know about this and they'll always spotcheck me and my friends.

The way they spotcheck me and my friends, is like we're some illegal immigrants! My god. Every part of our body also kena molest. Go under the pinafore, down to the shoes! Eeek. I'm having goosebumps now thinking about it. There's once where these few female prefects checked my purse and found all my membership cards and confiscated them. Membership cards also they want. I had to go and see the disiplin teacher and he found it so stupid he just passed it back to me and told me that if they ever do that again, I should ask thm to see him. One more funny incident was when I brought cherries to school. The 'smart' prefect confiscated them and when I asked why they said its because it's considered as sweets. I was like WHAT?! Are they blind or something? Haha anyway my friends started laughing and making fun of them and they gave it back to me.

Well, that concludes my time in highschool. Not that fun lah.
The fun part only happens after school or when i'm skipping school.
Seriously, the only thing I miss bout school is when I ponteng classes, hanging out with my classmates and skipping school making trips to Pearl Point, lol. I know kinda lifeless -.-


p/s : I never said all of the teachers or the prefects in my school are lame/lifeless/bla, some are really nice and good.
p/p/s: This is just a thought, nothing should be seriously taken.


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