Mobile phones

I'm in AC now with the boyf and his friends watching them DoTa.
Lol, I gave them the idea to come here so I can blog!

I know that my blog looks dead boring without pictures.
So lets have a look on handphone! Well the one which i'm interested in haha.

You see i'm currently using the HTC TyTn II which is damn awesome and all but sometimes it gets too bulky for me and I dont even use all the functions! I use it to surf the net, play games and call, sms, etc. Those simple regular stuff la.

The reason I got it in the first place is because well, simply cause of how it looks.
And I wanted a phone that does everything too. Being a computer, MP3 player, and camera.

Lets have a look at it.

It has a very nice and user friendly menu.
It also looks stylish, which I love the most. And it is black in colour too :D
Furthermore, the best part is..

It can do this!
Damn chun right?

Cause i'm a big fan of T-Mobile Sidekick phones
You know, the one Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, celebrities etc. And even Miss Wendy Cheng aka XiaXue has one too!

I like how it slides up and all. Look damn cool lah.

But now I realised and blame myself for spending a hefty RM3k on a phone which I dont even know how to make full use of, gahhh. With RM3288 I can buy so much stuff already lor!

Lesson learned, dont try to get everything into one gadget, i.e camera, MP3 Player, so on.
Buy everything separately! Its so much easier. If you loose one you'll loose everything. Buy seperately; loose one can cover back easily.

Anyway continuing with my mobile phone drama, I recently came across ads about this new phone from LG. LG the brand from Korea which brought us the very slim and stylish Chocolate line of handphones, look nice but functionless one? Yeah that one.

Anyhoo they have a new line of handphones out now, its called Ice Cream.
Yes, like the ice cream you lick lick one.

Like the Canon Powershot E1. Candy cameras they come in candy colours too!
Vanilla, Strawberry and I forgot the last one heh.
Omg all these designers are damn smart in attracting female customers, as you know la, females nowadays are high powered potential buyers.

So yea, the phone comes with any basic phone design of the modern era.
3.0 megapixel, memory card, etc.

And with a very cute LCD display!
There are tiny tiny lights on the front and the higher part, you can even choose or set the graphics you want. You can make your mobile smile all the time. So everytime you look at your phone you'll smile!

Super cute right?

I am thinking of selling my old phone away now.
Will have to think it through now, but on another note;
Does anyone wants to buy a Motorola V3x in Pink?
Used for about 5-7 months only. Got it sometime ago last year.
Still look good and functions normally. Price is negotiable, give me a price you would like to offer!

Any inquiries about the phone send me an e-mail at



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