MOS girls night out.

Euphoria Ministry of Sounds.

Went there with my bunch of girls, as usual it was effing packed but we didnt have to queue up thankfully.

My kakis for the night, Josie, Louise, Jac and moi (:

Cristine darling was there too.
After an accident and all she still can go clubbing, haha.

The post-breakup darling Louise.
Single and available people!

And of course the birthday boy Abel.

To a surprise we hardly drank much.
Less than a cuppa.

But still we managed to get high and tipsy.
LOL I dont know how.

Once again Miss Louise (:

We went up to the podium to dance..

But as you can see it was damn packed.
Even at the dance floor we could hardly breathe, so we went back up.

And Josie was bored to death.

May Gin was there as well.
She texted me so many times to meet up but it was so hard cause there were too many people there, so sorry babe!

We went over to The Deq to chill cause it was more cozy and nice there.

Jac being drunk'ed already.

Bumped into Cindy there too :D

Long time no see girl!

Anyway tho, my night was good.
Met tons of people there, everywhere I look is someone haha.

Danced the night away, hmm.

Till then,


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