Watched Twilight few days ago with smurfibie.
First, I was damn excited that I finally get to watch this movie that everyone has gone crazy over.

Plus, the tickets were selling fast while I was queuing up. So we decided to watch the 4.30pm one. We waited so long in Midvalley, but since we haven't spend time walking in shopping malls with each other that much anymore, it seemed like a good opportunity for us.


First thing when people mention Twilight, it sound like something hocus pocusy to me.

And the poster..

It just makes it more magical.
The lead actor looked kinda hot and the girl looked dreamy.

The movie started with a dark setting and the introduction of the Cullen family.

Normal normal stuff.

Basically, the whole movie was coloured in a dull setting. Gloomy lights and a village with a small population.

The dreamy leading actress I mentioned before, not so dreamy. Her ears kept sticking out! And she looked abit tomboy'ish to me but she is still pretty in some way.

The lead actor was equally the same! Not what I thought of in the beginning. He looked constipated most of the time, his foundation line was so visible and his speech was so potong'ed potong'ed. But still some lines just pulled me in, lol.

Am loving my silver Aldo heels!



sherry fct said…
hey,I have the same point of view as u.The movie just so so nia.Climax takde & I don't think Edward is hawtt either. =P...
Interesting blog u have =)

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