Christmas Eve @ The Curve, Damansara

Marshy invited me and The Smurf to join her and her friends at The Curve's Empress Cafe for a small gathering/dinner. We thought it was a great idea since we didnt want to get sandwiched in clubs or to get stuck in traffic jams on the way to a club so why not?

So I drove there with Erin and waited for the bunch to arrive.

As always, i'm the earliest to arrive (:

We settled down at Empress Cafe and got to know each other, since it was my first time meeting Marshy's friends. Then the camwhoring session begin ;p

I seriously think its my day, cause I look good in the pictures hahaha!
Not so chou tut or whatever *happysial!*

The girls and I

I guess we're always in the same position, standing or even sitting. LOL.
From left : Marshy, Me, Yin, Kath, Yi Ling.

Me and Marshy baby ;p

And the other baby!

We're all like wearing reindeer ears but this babe has just got to be diff by wearing bunny ears!
Haha ;p Halloween is over ad lah!

Marshy and Yan Wei , the lovely couple.

Erin and me.
Totally different looks, most of the time people think we're friends and that she's older, lol.
Cannot make it lah.

So we were chilling, having dinner and talking damn loudly we decided to play Pictionary.
And it was damn funny can?
Especially Marshella's action such as papaya and fireworks hahaha!
If only I had the video :(

So after games and all me and Yin went to get ourselfs protection, haha not that kind of protection. I mean cans of snow sprays!

Us modelling with our 'protection'.

Damn stylo, Malaysian version of Charlie's Angel ;p

The crowd started gathering in between the two buildings, Curve and Cineleisure.

And the countdown begin.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1!

The sprays all went up!
First thing happened was my spray malfunctioned, instead of spraying other people the whole thing dirtied my hand -.-

As you can see the massive crowd.
More and more people started going to that particular center.

Then suddenly we heard another countdown, this time it was Laundry.
We were like ... dohh!
Followed and counted down again and the whole routine of spraying until all the cans ran out.

Sambil spraying people we camwhored too, lol.

It was snowing!
Damn chun right?

Then me and Marsh ran over to the other side to get another set of sprays.
This time cheaper, 5 for RM10.
We paid 3 for RM10 earlier, sigh* what a waste.

When we came back.. Guess what?

Sanctuary had their own countdown.

3 countdowns in a night, lol.
The timing was so off.

Anyway these are the before and after pics of me and baby.

Before :
Hair in place, clothes still smelling clean.

After :

Hair totally messed up, clothes smells like chemicals, ewwwww!

And of course..

Erin and Collin, the two most sarcastic person I ever known!

Oooh and the best part of the night was..

When I recieved my Christmas present lah duh!
I got Big Brother bear for my tiny Rain Bear :)
I name the big one BuBu.

Thanks baby!
I love it so much eventhough its so big it could suffocate me but I promise i'll hug it everynight when I go to bed <3



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