I would smile normally;
but I cant smile today.
For all that happened actually,
happen not normally.

I would sleep normally;
but that night I couldn't.

I'm so sorry, I didnt mean no pain.

Silence creeps slowly;
I can feel it now.

ps:// I Y you.


Been sick for 2 days.
Couldn't move, eat, sleep.
Its the starting of the year and I had to be that sick.

Wish tomorrow will bring something good.

I went through all the pictures we took last month; I cant wait to upload them.
I miss you badly.

By the way I would like to kidnap Jamie Trevor Oliver to be my personal chef slave. He can stuff me all he wants with his organic vegetable shit and I'll still eat it; you know why? Because he is like the best chef ever and everything he cooks taste delicious even how bland the ingredients can look like. Watching him cook just make me salivates

Thats damn random, lol.

Okay, goodnight!


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