I seriously should go out more during day time than hunting for blood at night, lol.
I didnt notice that we can find really good and awesome food around KL, instead I kept splurging in places such as TGIF and TonyRoma's -.-

Oh yeah by the way, I effing passed my maths weih!
If you dont get why i'm so happy, its because I sucked at Additional Mathematics.

I cannot describe my feelings in words.
When I saw my results; I laughed like a hyena. The whole lab was full with my laughter. Haha. I'm so damn thrilled!
whee :DD

When I was on my way to college I was like; 'Baby, if I pass my maths i'll bungee jump, like seriously'.

I seriously didnt plan of passing.
But I did, which was a shocker!

Moving on, we drove to Bangsar over to YanWei's place, we wanted to visit Zoo Negara at first but by the time we went out it was kinda late already. So the four of us, Marshy was there too; went to Pavilion.

Gawd, it was a nice way to start the year 2009!

Pictures will be up, I promise!


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