Malaysian Dreamgirl

As all of you know already, I joined the Malaysia Dreamgirl competition.
It was a random decision to join, as I was online the other day and saw the advertisement. So I thought to myself why not join the competition?

When it was close to the date of the audition, I told my sis that I registered my name, etc and that I wanted her to accompany me there she was like "Okay, i'll follow you. What time need to wake up ah?". As if nothing was wrong.

The next morning I felt so worried and I had butterflies in my tummy!
I had doubts about going for the audition.

We drove for like 1 hour cause we went the wrong way thanks to the bloody GPS Doreen *yeah I gave her that name*, she led us to KLIA! Luckily I manage to make an exit to Sunway.

Thank god I found the way!

We arrived at Impiana around 9.30am, when I was in front of the registration parlour I had second thoughts and wanted to back out. My super supportive sister then came to the rescue and forced me to sign up.

We then waited in the sitting room.

The Waiting Room

They gave a short briefing and all before they sent us in to see the judges.

I was the fourth to go in.
The ones before me didnt make it and that made me damn nervous!
It was my turn and..

Stephanie Lim

And as you can see I am damn nervous!
Its my first time auditioning!

I sorta screwed up some of my lines but oh well, I tried my best.

I ended up getting..

I was soooo happy!

Sadly Erin wasnt there, she was waiting in the lobby.
Or else, I would have jumped on top of her and screamed my lungs out! Haha :DD

Still I was shaking after I left the audition room.
Called my mum and told her the good news.

Left Impiana then off to Pavilion.
Thats when I scratched/dented my car -.-

That sorta just killed the mood..

Had lunch at Tony Roma's

And some shopping with my sis for Chinese New Year!

I got new clothes to wear yay!

That concludes my Dreamgirl experience haha.

Sadly I got college and I already paid for the classes.
If I joined MDG I have to skip classes and maybe even miss the semester.
I seriously dont know what I should do.

I would really join and all but how bout my studies?
That is if I do get to be in the 12 finalist lah.


Picture credits : Malaysian Dreamgirl crew (:


While in the Christmas Holiday mood..

A short outing with Smurfiebie to The Curve (:



Simon Seow said…
Does this mean you won't be going for the closed audition? T_T

You'd be interested in . . .