Massive Worldwide.

Music was good, people was okay, place sucked?

I mean its too small, and I personally think that it wasnt even organized in a proper way! People can just walk out and sell their tickets then come back in.
Thats why when we got there, there were so many people coming up to us, trying to sell their tickets -.-

Anyway we got the VIPs one for RM69 and last minutely!

Before we headed down to KL..

I did my makeup and was busy getting dolled up while baby was sleeping.

We headed down to KL around 9'ish.

Waited for the whole bunch to come.

YanWei, Baby, BenBen.

Smurfibie and me (:

Muscle man YanWei and his beau Marshella.

Ben, Carls, and Bii.

Me and Carlston who disappeared for ages!

Me and Eve.
The whole night, she forced me to drink. Non-stop okay!

Loon and his chick.

Me and my wacky sunglasses.
For every rave i'll get a new pair.
Hmmm, i'm currently liking the lips haha. Since i've never seen anyone wearing one of these here!

Stephiielicious and Marshilicious, lol.

Gabby, Stephy and Marshy

One nice thing about that night was the view.

The magnificent KL Tower.

But I did love the lights lah.

My babes Stefani and Evon then joined us.

The two Stef's!

Melting ice (:

Me and muh boys!

The VIP area got boring so we went down.

Thats when we started sweating, all the B.O. around us, eeewww!

Mr. Howard Woon.
Idk whats up with his pose, lol.

The after,

Messy hair and smudge make up.

Is the lips sunglasses shape same as my lips?

After squeezing with people, we took a short break and sat somewhere.

Alienated glasses..

& boys, haha :DD

Yours truly..

Marshella and Gabriella.

After the break we went back there

I like this picture but sadly cannot see the KL Tower -.-
Damn the person who took this!

Baby getting strangled, yay!

ngongngong BEN!

Me and Cailie

Me, Cailie, and Ryan.

The after product of Miss Stephiielicious..



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