New Years Eve

New Years Eve at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound.
Other than the normal countdown celebrations it was also Amah's Birthday.

Amah and Marshy, with some slashed out YanWei and Carlston.

The one and only Carlston Lim Mun Huo.

Babe Jacklyn was there too!

Phang, Me, Baby, Tony.

Carlston and Baby.

Then the party got started.
Lol, we all got really high on the booze!

Some ghostly hand behind me, lol.

Me and baby then celebrated our anniversary as well!

Marshy was damn high already, haha.

Me and my babes.

Seriously you'll always see Jac carrying her own bottle of alco.
Hence my baby tried to snatch it away! Haha she freaked out lol!

Howard and baby


I wanted to check on how Marshy was doing cause she sorta KO'ed ad and I was also slightly tipsy, moved over to the sofas and chilled there for awhile.

Camwhored abit too ;p

The guys went to get the car and I brought Marsh over to The Deq with Jacs help of course!
Waited there for the guys to come.

While waiting, Marsh was being damn funny.

M: Hey.. Who is that?
Me: Thats Jacklyn lah babe!!
M: Really? *talks to Jac* Heyyyy.. you are prettier! *turns over and look at me again* Who is that?
Me: Omg! Thats Jacklyn!!!

The whole time, she couldnt tell who's who. Thankfully she remembers me! Gosh.
Can die laughing. Even orange juice and alco also cant tell the diff!

My drunkie Marshy!

Still can wake up and pose -.-

And whoever who took these two pictures..

Confirm KO'ed state!
If im not wrong its Jacklyn!

Love you guys!
Thanks for the great new year celebration.

& I got more pictures when we snapped outside during the fireworks but theyre with Marsh.


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