New Years Eve's Outing.

To start off my New Years Eve, I had a short get together session with my two hunniebuniedarlings which I havent met for ages! You know why? Cause they are sooooo BUSY!

Ms. Low See Why?
With her sour plum face cause she cant drive! Nyeknyek ;p

But aha! Ms. Wandarr can be her all time driver! Muahaha *laughs to herself evily*
Lunch was at Cova :)
My new spot!

Had the Grilled Chicken Breast with Asparagus.

I love my hairband which I got kinda long already but had no chance to wear.

And for dessert was the Chocolate Filling Mooncake!

Then we girls did a little shopping..
Around MidValley

You know lah, sales everywhere!

And tried on shoes..

Note to See Why?
Please dont buy any heels more than 4'inches.
You know why? Cause you cant walk and you might fall on your butt!
Like you almost did then! Hahahah ;p

After our Mid Valley session the girls had to rush off and drop me over at my boyf's place cause they were rushing to meet my sis Erin over at The Curve haha.

This is my friend, her name is Muka Tembok!

The driver in blue.
Trying to cover her face.

And the passenger that cannot stop camwhoring everywhere!

The three of us, minus one.
Cause she's in Russia.

When I got home I got a early surprise..

From the lovely Bii, for our anniversary!
Ooh loves!

Recently got alot of surprises from you horrr?

Got ready around 6pm and headed to Kuchai Lama for dinner..

Another Breakfast at Tiffany's, no?

MOS, then.


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