Let me do a short recap on how the new year is treating me.
So far I got good and bad things happening to me.

The bad stuff was like I kena hit/banged whatever you wanna call it by a super blind motorcyclist but luckily i'm still alive, and I ended up with minor scratches, and I scratched my car few days ago, now my small Swiffy is dented and the paint work is damaged.

On the brighter side of things, I passed my maths, I had a great time with my close friends through all the special occasions and I got accepted for 'something' which I will not reveal now, yet.

In conclusion the new year is doing me good, so far.


It seems that everyone is hating the past year and wishing for a better year this time.

I guess its how you plan your year and what you hope to get out of it. Instead of sitting there in hopes that you'll get lucky and money will fall out from the sky. I mean, so far for me I had a good and bad start but I am putting everything that happened in a good way then to feel bad for myself.

Its what you make out of yourself and you year.
Luck comes and go but the decisions you make shapes the outcome.

Okay this was random.


Huai Bin said…
Hello there! I heard you got to the Closed Auditions. Congrats! :)

I'll see ya next month.

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