Captain's Gala Dinner, StarCruise '08

When you go on board the Star Cruise, there will be a night where all the guest are able to dine with the Captain of the ship.
Obviously this is a very extravagant night; therefore the dishes are gonna be superbly good!
Haha, a night that you cant miss.

Baby and me, why the angry face lah bii?

Miss Erin Lim.

Baby twisted his neck!

Miss Lydia already chow'ing down on her salad!

And of course, we MUST have a bottle of wine to compliment the food!

Omg, please ignore my triple double chin!
Oh the horror!

A better picture ((:

WARNING : Mouth watering pictures! Look at this only when youre tummy is full!

We started of with the cold salmon salad with a tinge of citrus.

It was refreshing but abit too cold hehe.

Then, for soups; I ordered the Onion Soup.

Didnt really like the flavour tho, it was abit too strong.

Should have ordered the Mushroom Soup which is the one baby asked for!

For the main course, Erin ordered the grilled chicken pasta topped with thyme leaves.

It was yummy and very filling!
The portion was HUGE!

I of course, a prawn fetish, ordered the jumbo shrimps pallete.

And eventhough my portion was the smallest, with two huge prawns and rice, it was worth it!
Loved it to the max!

Baby had the wrapped steak. Sorry I dont really recall the fancy name but it was some kind of rolled up steak with mashed potatoes and veggies! Heh.

Let me show you a better view.

As I can recall, the sauce was just right and it enhanced the full flavour of the meat.
The mashed potatoes were awesome too!

For desserts we had mousse !

Okay, I hate mousse but the named decieved me!
I thought it was some fancy fancy sweet dessert but heck, I got this! Omg, I guess its nice to people who enjoy eating something without texture but, I just hate mousse!

So baby did this...

Hahah, he stabbed my dessert!


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