A day trip to Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

Few Saturdays back, after I went to college and checked my results *I passed my maths!, btw* ; me and baby dropped by Yan Wei's place.

Then the whole bunch decided to visit Zoo Negara.
By the time Yan Wei got ready, it was already too late ):

So we decided on Pavilion.

On the way there..
Ohh and it was jam, we forgot!

Then we had lunch at the food court.
The varieties of food is to die for!
We had porridge and some you tiao.

Then we walked around, decided to walk outside.
Ended up snapping really funny shots.
People were staring at us!

Understand why now?

It was really funny to pose and take shots outdoors cause people keep staring at us, we couldnt help but laugh of course!

Guys need their camwhoring time too!

They had people going around on stilts and costumes trying to promote the Malaysia Mega Sales.

Guy humping an ostrich

We got tonnes of free stuff too!
Like fans and badges, lol.

We bought tickets for..

Before the movie we bought some stuffs from Merchato.

Boys shopping!

The movie was 6.5/10.
So so lah, its like Alien vs 10 000 BC.

Yan Wei and Marshy took quite long to move their arses up so me and baby spend time doing this..


Then both of them joined us!

My baby is damn cute la ;p

After the movie the bunch of us headed to down town Jalan Alor for beef ball noodles!

Sorta like my first time or two around there.

The food was yummmy! But the place wasnt so comfortable lah, but still acceptable (:

Hungry baby!

My empty bowl, thats just to show you how yummy it is!

Baby monster wants moooorrrrrreeeeeee!


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