More update on Rihanna's concert.

Have you guys heard bout the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown thing before the Granny's Grammys last night?

Apparently, there has been a big arguement/abuse/biting session going on between them. Sadly things got a little to rough and someone had to call 911. Chris Brown got arrested in the end. Thats why he never performed as the opening act for last night show and Rihanna didnt show up either.

Plus, police has teken pictures of Rihanna all bruised up and even bite marks were found on her arm! Not to mention that her there were cuts on her lips.

Omg rough sial.

Rihanna's rep even said that the concert in Malaysia might be cancelled due to what happened.


Seriously shitty weih. Still lucky I did not plan to go for her concert haha. For the rest of you who already bought her tickets, you should go ask for refunds now. Unless Rihanna decides to perform with bruises on her body, lol.

But seriously, Chris Brown doesnt look like the type of guy that would hit a woman. And the woman is a well known celebrity!

sheeesh, waiting for more update lol!


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