New Look

A new template will be coming soon, prolly around next week after Valentines because Miss Stephiielicious is very busy running up and down doing assignments and projects plus, quizes are coming up! Need to study.

Gah, damn college work.

Anyway the point is, i'll giving away my old template to a random avid reader of my blog. Since a lot of you are asking me about templates and all, and some of you wants something like mine. So yea, i'm gonna be genorous.

Information will be coming soon if this project hits a GO.

So if you like my idea and wish that i'll go on with it, click either Love It or Awesome below, if I get more than 50 hits i'll continue with the whole new template thingy.

Simple enough?


Had a great time today with a short gossip session with my Gossip Girls today.

Same spot again, Delicious at One Utama.

And omg, tons of funny stories from the both of them about a particular message from a friend, lol.


Next time we should spend a longer time kay? And when MING can join us too.
Shopping outing!


You'd be interested in . . .